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Profile of FungiResearch

Foto: Axel Hamprecht
About FungiResearch

European Network for Antifungal Research

FungiResearch is an international network of experts, research groups and hospitals specializing in the treatment of invasive fungal infections.

The network streamlines clinical development of antifungal compounds making use of profound expertise of its members and access to a peculiar pool of patients with unmet medical needs.

All invasive fungal infections fulfil the definitions of orphan diseases. A priority of FungiResearch is to accelerate market authorization of antifungal compounds.

The founders are experienced clinical trialists placed in large University Hospitals who face the challenges of treating patients with invasive fungal infections every day. All founders are directly involved in the patient care of immunocompromised hosts.

The founders look back on years of common clinical research activities so that FungiResearch can offer highly efficient study management to academic researchers and industry.


  • Development of new therapies for rare fungal infections
  • Accelerated clinical research by networking and exchange in joint projects
  • Research in academic clinical trials and for partners in the pharmaceutical industry for the development of orphan drugs in the field of fungal infections


A successful international collaboration in antifungal research has led to the approval of the antifungal agent isavuconazole for mucormycosis, a severe orphan disease, by FDA & EMA in October 2015. Since then, this network of experts has evolved into a systematic research alliance for the future development of antifungal agents.